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A brief history of our church and beliefs 

Our History

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church started out meeting at an elementary school off Tidwell in November of 1949 with over 30 people in attendance at the first service. They met at the school every Sunday for a year and half. Sometime in the latter part of 1950 the ten acres at 215 Rittenhouse (our current South Campus) was purchased for them to build their church. The first services conducted in the unfinished building was in October of 1951. By the end of 1955 Our Redeemer had a Lutheran school in place and a congregation of over 300. Fast forward to today and the school is still in place and the congregation, though smaller, still meets every Sunday in the same building built almost seventy years ago.


Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church was founded at an organizational meeting at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in March of 1968. In June of the same year, a hundred adults committed themselves as the “Charter Members” and nine acres were purchased for the building of Beautiful Savior on West Road. By 1972 a Lutheran School was established and ten years later a full education and gym building was added. In the last few years the building was unable to be kept and Beautiful Savior met at an elementary school in The Woodlands area, with the purchase of a new property mid 2018 services are now held every Sunday in Spring (our current North Campus).


On November 18, 2018 the name Beautiful Savior Our Redeemer Lutheran Church was adopted and the two churches are now one. From the beginning the two churches were linked, now merged, nothing seems out of place. Whether the congregation is meeting at a school or in a church, the Worship and Fellowship have remained the same. Rich, long history surrounds both churches and staying together in the Houston area keeps the faith going.

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