Our Redeemer Lutheran North

Junior & Senior High

Mission: To spread God’s love and the love of our country to at-risk students from low-income families, while giving them a low-cost education with personal guidance from staff members in a small group setting.

Our main goal is to educate a student in Christ, while giving them an education that begins at their personal level of knowledge, filling in missing skills and building on the skills mastered.


Many students fall behind in class for many reasons and find it hard to regain what they lost. These students often begin to dislike school because they find it confusing, and stop trying in school. We work with them to change their perspective about school, by working with them one on one to find their weaknesses. This builds their confidence and makes them feel like they understand their work.

We work with students that:

• Need God’s accepting love

Have mild learning disabilities

• Need a small group setting 

• Have manageable health problems

• Have been bullied

• Have had an emotional upset

• Have high intelligence and have problems relating with others.

There are many problems that cause students to fall behind their classmates. Loss of a family member, health problems with them or in the family, drug and alcohol abuse within the family unit, and disfunction within their home, can cause students to fall behind, lose interest, and drop out of school. However, with personal help, the students will be helped to grow into productive, Christian adults.

School Curriculum

Our Redeemer Lutheran North uses Abeka homeschool curriculum for the education of our students. Abeka is well known for helping students build their skills, obtain higher achievement scores, and prepare for college. To preview the curriculum you can go to Abeka.com.

College Credits

Students on honor roll can take dual enrollment classes at Houston Community College to receive college credits towards their core subjects needed for a college degree. The teachers will assist students with their college work when they need help so that the students gains the skills needed to succeed in college.


Our Redeemer Lutheran North offers a scholarship program for the students sponsored through Beautiful Savior Our Redeemer Lutheran church. Ask about our grants and tuition assistance. Our congregation places a high importance on the future of our youth as Christians and Americans.


Due to COVID-19 we will be using a mixture of online and in classwork according to TEA recommendations.


Contact us at:

Email: bsorsouth@gmail.com

School Office: 713-416-2640

Mrs. Brush Director: 713-416-2460

Church Office: 713-691-2203

Located at: 215 Rittenhouse Houston, TX 77076

Building A, Classroom #3